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Filling Jwanting's tummy with Yummy Korean Food: HanPan Korean Restaurant!

Hi Guys! 
I bet many of us are not foreign to Korean Cuisine. 
Me, a fan of kdrama and kpop, of course included in the list too. 

So recently, Smitten Team brought me to HanPan Korean Restaurant!
My first thought was "whats so different about Korean Food, I just like that generally, but dont really think there is difference la"

So, for another of my favorite cuisine, lets go!
Located in the central-ish part of Singapore lies a pretty humble Korean Restaurant - HanPan!

Greeted by an exterior which resembles a lot like those Korean BBQ Restaurants in Korea, this place definitely reminds me of my Korea days (someone please bring me back la! #helpla)

Upon entering, we were greeted by the friendly and quirky boss and his people! His chefs are from Korea and they definitely did whipped out authentic korean A la carte! Apart from that, the BBQ is a definite NEED TO HAVE. The marination is on point and there were different types of meat served when we were there. Slurps

Essentials for Korean Cuisine placed right on top of the BBQ pan!

Right above here is THE KING EGG ROLL. 
A giant korean style egg that is perfect for sharing. 
(Nope, you dont have to do this yourself, the ever friendly staff will handle it for you. #serviceonpoint )

We had 2 soups in the end... well it was supposed to be one but the friendly boss and people gave us another stew cause we're gluttons and food so far was amazing! 

We had both the Bean Paste Seafood Soup and KimChi Stew
Bean Paste Seafood Soup was amazingly refreshing and seafood broth was so strong! I really love it especially after having quite a bit of non-soupy stuff.  
KimChi Stew did not disappoint as well. the rich kimchi broth was so flavorful, its taste lingers still  after a while. (you know which is not a legit kimchi stew? Try ordering it from Korean stalls in Kopitiams/koufu)

On this picture,  we've got our stomachs on Kimchi Pancake, Seafood Pancake and Crunchy Boneless Chicken

Kimchi and Seafood Pancakes were like any other Pancakes you probably had. But Hanpan does its Pancakes with their special batter! I really dislike pancakes with huge thick batter and pathetic ingredients (i've met some korean restaurants in Singapore serving that quality?!) but HanPan does it the right way an authentic Korean restaurant should deliver - Fresh ingredients and right amount of batter fit!

The Crunchy Boneless Chicken is TO DIE FOR. I've to caps it because ITS SO GOOD and ADDICTIVE?! I had like mouths of those chickens in my stomach! The marination is so unique that this can easily be one of their house special! It turns out that the sauce is created in-house - well, no wonder.   BUT OMG GUYS, please you have to at least order this when you're at HanPan! You will get hooked! 

There, you can see what I really love, The best of both Worlds - Grapefruit Soju & Chicken! 

It is as though the A La Carte dishes above ain't enough to drive you insane, the beginning of the Kbbq below are gonna make you go severely hungry. WARNING GIVEN. GO AHEAD AT YOUR OWN RISK. 

We had the dinner grill (& again, the friendly staff did the job for us! yippe) with 4 different types of marinated meat! The Pork Belly, Pork Collar, Pork Jowl and Streaky Beef. 

Wa, to be honest, I wasn't even paying attention on which meat is what... because to be honest, the marination of the meat were so good, i literally kept munching them! Just look at those pictures taken. One will not say they visited HanPan if they did't get their hands on those Grills! What I like about HanPan is that they really focused on the kind of meat they want to serve their customers and always ensuring the quality of meat served. And I am pretty amazed with the fact that they know which types of meat are the best for BBQ!


Stop drooling! This gigantic huge squid is nowhere to find in the menu? 
It surprised all of us when the staff took it out. 
enough said, because the pictures did the talking. Marination of squid is woohoo! 

Now, if you are a follower on my Instagram..... (@jwanting) 

YOU CAN QUOTE "JWANTING10" FOR 10% off your dinner bill! 
What about lunch? Well, HanPan has a special lunch menu at a super affordable price! 
So, just go for both lunch and dinner la, because you won't get enough of good food. 

HanPan Korean Restaurant is located at: 
22 Lorong Telok @ Boat Quay!

Thank You Smitten Team and HanPan Korean Restaurant for the lovely hospitality! 


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