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photo credits to : channel 8;
"its time for us to unriddle those riddles"

hello people! :)
yesterday was quite a long day for me. it was PACEworkshop on the art of conversation~ where Mr sonny came to speak to us about conversation? indeed it was really nice to attend the workshop because i've some sort of benefited from the programme like how do you speak well in front of people. Especially towards parents, higher ranking authorities?

after that, bobo, vanessa and egg went to buy the items for the retreat. we were like discussing about what to get, which one is the cheapest etc. HAHA. after that bobo and i was like discussing what to wear for our performance (soshi's songs) HAHA. and our theme is none other then >> SALIOR! haha i found some quite-okay one which i think its appropriate! bobo wants dress! LOL. so its a little bit difficult for her to find. and we want to dress up nicely too! keke.

actually, we were quite excited to organise this year's retreat…