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Valentine's Day! :D

hihi dearies! =)
Happy Valentine's day to all of you all!
& ah-sheh jiejie too!
hopes she find her other half soon! :D
she's having a good start for the year!
thats a good good news! :D

oh and thanks jupi for informing !

link at

Do vote for her!(09)佘詩曼

Voting Steps;
in case, u cant read the chinese there,

1st step, asking you to vote for 3 of the artist for the top 10 TV artist.
you have to click for 3! (*maybe cast ur another vote to (11)林峯? :D )

2nd step, Vote for 3 of the TV dramas to be up for top 10 TV dramas.
you have to click for 3 too!
*There's 2 charmaine's shows in it, cast 2 top votes for her shows first! xD hahas!
(21)歲月風雲(The Drive Of Life) & (29)鐵咀銀牙(Word Twisters' adventures)

3rd step, Most potential male and females award will come just vote for whoever. Charmaine was not in there.
Till the last 2nd & 3rd Voting.

PHILIPS星勢非凡大獎 - (02)佘詩曼
RMK高清立體肌膚大獎 - (01)佘詩曼

then click Next pa…