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Showing posts from November 15, 2007
hello people.
i been feeling dpwn this few days):
i dont know why.

i wanna go overseas to study asap.
i wanna faster leave here.
i dun really like studying in bhss.
poeple say that secondary school life will be the most wonderful childhood times.
but i dun get a good childhood secondary life.
in fact, i dont really like studying in bhss.

awww. i wanna study overseas now.
but parents wont allow as they are worried about my safety there.
and the fees are quite expensive too.
i reall dun wanna study in bhss!
i have bad memories there.
the only thing that i wont forget is the friendship over there.

trust me, if i got a chance to go overseas to study now,
i will fly straight away without consideration.
but 2 problems towards this.
no familiar relative is going with me thus cause my parents to worry about my safety.
fees are quite expensive.
thousand plus per month.
bhss school fees was $13 a month.

parents dont even listen to me when i was talking.
everyday that kept them busy was work work and work.
how i wished…