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Showing posts from December 16, 2007
hello dearies! =D
hehes. change my picture to charmaine banner!
my sissy just taught me how to make banners!
seem like i'm going to do one on sister jessica too! :D

i'm going to try out a gym at the kallang stadium there.
i'm going to gym!
who wanna accompany me go?
hahas. i'm anything de.
HP @ [ask me]
call me if u are intreseted in going gym with me huh.

ooh. and my crounchyroll siblings are NICE people!
they are loved! :)
i just love talking to all the young meimeis there.
hahas. they all are so adorable la.! :)

Specially reply to FIONA cousin;
hey! hahas. see how special u are that i'm going to reply here for you. hahas
hmm. i just think fiona xie acting's not good & got the feeling that dun quite like her lo.
hmm. felicia chin comfirm go in top 10,
no need to mention.
she's already mediacorp's 21 century "yu niu".
hahas. so no worries for her. :)

okies. a short post right now.
gtg. byebye! :D

videos of the day.