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Showing posts from August 1, 2008
Hello dearies :D
it's been a long time since i last post.
school's busy! ):
i'll try to update more laa.

31july! <3
i haven completed your bday present yet.
be patient! Heheeee.

TAGS REPLIED first! :)

♥ Fiona : HAAHAAA. you missed me more right? LOL!

♥ Shuyi : hahahs! that's great! i love that! :)

♥ Jessica LOVE: LOVE! i know you are back from HK! LOL! :D i missed you! YEPPPSS! i love our girls talk that night! :D HEHEEE. :)

♥ kuku mei : it's not wrong, it's right. LOL

♥ Carmen : HAHAHA! thanks dear! and yes i did pass! i'm afraid of my history's results only ): hahahs! thanks lovely! yes i will! :D

♥ litingg : HAHAHS! you are FINALLY back larh! LOL! where you gone? HUH?! LOL! hahahs! dou jei dou jei :D HEHEE. i'm busy with school, so mo online. LOL! sure! you sms me larh! LOL!

♥ Michelle : thanks dear! :D i LOVE you :D

♥ xenia : HellO! yeps! i'll link you asap(: nono, i didnt went. i went esplanade there. the starbuc…