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Showing posts from January 14, 2008
hellos! :D
hahas. finally posted about my life!
LOLS. been busy with homework, revision, projects & char's thingyyy.

hmmm. what was i doing today?
oh! i hate mondays!
such a freaking long day. school's up to 230pm.
sian! xD

and another reason i hate mondays cos subjects are all DOUBLE periods!
2 maths, 2 SS, 2 F&N.
oh myyyy! :s lols.
HATE it! :x LOLS. i thot today need to bring sunday times, but just knew that today no ENG!
wthh! lols.
there's nothing speical happen today:)

only a little disappointed with something.
nobody wanna go meet char with me at the airport! ):
why cant u all just accompany me for it?
its just 2 days! i always go along with all of ur decisions, you dun like, then i dun go with it,
u like, u wan the thing, i always go along with it. i never reject any of ur requests
but char's thingy is only 2 days for goodness sake.
why cant just u all follow me for that 2 days and happy for it thats all.
freaking sad. i told myself not to cry, have to be stronggg!
butbut i …