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Showing posts from July 8, 2008
Hello dearies!
i'm here to reply tags only.
hehees! while waiting for my carrot cake to steam.
it smells weird. hopefully it taste right.
i'm busy today! so i just reply tags!
dont miss me xD

♥ Kuku mei : hahahahs! i waited for you for 1 hour la! LOL! you weird! HAHAHAS! okok. i'll take your views carefully. xD

♥ Vic : hahahahs! i love her! she's super cute and i love her songs leh! she got such a sweet voice! HAHAHS! i'm neutral with tavia la. HAHA! maybe i'll love her some time okay! HAHAHAS! xD I WATCHED ALREADY! NICEEEEE! STEPHY IS SO CUTE! HAHAS! LOVELOVE LOVE HER! i love the song also lor! HEHES! linda appear so short only ): HAHAS! I LOVE CHARVIN EVERYTIME ANYWHERE LOR! HAHAHAS! wa, flood my tabboard! be careful of yours! WAHAHA!

♥ Rachel : HAHAHAS! YEA! charm's acting GENG ah! <3 she really scare me with that "kevin died" expression can! LOL! YEA! hope TVB would give her but i dont think so la. still got alot haven gotten…