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Showing posts from October 21, 2008
Dearest greetings to everyone!
hehe! i'm at temasek poly now~
im having the advance elective module course.
there are lots of things to do.
tests, project work,role play etc.
and we are certainly score well as the grades will reflect on out certeficate.

it's not tourism that i'm having.
it's service quality.
sometimes kinda bored but sometimes it's okay la. (:
we'll leave an hour early tmr!
cos we are having Korea breifing! :)
we are leaving for korea on 17 nov to 21 nov.!
that means no watching of TVB ceremony ):
argh! but dosent matter la.
and i'm so confused now.
what if i won the iweekly contest? argh.
why does it clashes with korea trip?! [hope that there are some miricles! but it wont happen! both fixed, what an impossible! just hope that it wont be men although i hope it'll be me, shit man, i dono what am i talking also. LOL!. hope that the tickets can go after the show! HAHA! ]
LOL! peharps i see too highly of myself.
like i'll win. -.-