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Showing posts from November 26, 2007
hello people!
band just now.
some kinda maintanence.
& that jyhjie keep touching my face eith his stupid dirty hands.!
tsk. -.-
dirty de hor.

& have to help with the banner decoration.
hang here and there.
and went down to united square to mac with yuzhen, xinyi & jiahui.
as usual, jay-walked, and a bus full of cameras are driving along singapore to shoot all parts of singapore, at first we didnt notice,
after jay-walking, yuzhen then tell.
its like, so embarassing!
imagine cmeras take u while u are jay-walking.

oh. & sister jessicahsuan is sick! ):
she got a very bad flu.
take care sister jessica!
PG 2 MAYBE will be finished filming on 18 dec.
she will be going back to HK on 19 dec then. ):
awwwww. so fast.!
but the above dates mention are not comfirmed said by sister jessicahsuan.
take good care and get well soon sister jessicahsuan!

& currently i'm obsessed with the hambuger girl game
it's damn fun & challenging la.

ok.i'm going to car…