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Yum Cha/Beloved gift/Cycling and Ramen Play!

Hi Everyone!
Today had been a fruitful day for me! How about yours?
Woke up to breakfast at Chinatown with God-dad to have Yum Cha!
I love the fried crispy scallop there!! It's so good! together with Siew Mai and Har gao! Teehee
i love dim sums and thats why I wanna visit hongkong again just for their food.
Hopefully always makan clique's HK plan will work out pretty soon!

Cabbed to Chinatown instead cause I was lazy to walk to the MRT and it turns out that the cab is driving freaking slowly, stopping at every single traffic light! !@&*#@^@#
After Yum Cha, god daddy brought me around chinatown to get some of my makeup stuff and also bought my very first silver necklace! Im loving it a lot. Thanks to my lovely god dad :') Felt so love!

After a morning dim sum feast and some shopping, I head over to east coast park to cycle with the birthday girl! I am so so happy I didnt forgot how to cycle but instead could start up quite fast this time! hahah *proud of myself* LOLLL