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Showing posts from June 20, 2007


band this morning.
learn song.
i cant just side read notes
only when i write down then i know how to play wid it.
haix.need more experiences.(:

band outing today after band.
did not went to sentosa
just went lunch with
i seem to have 46241254113 years didnt went to sentosa.
lol.nvm.other time.

opera at 7pm just now
and it end freakin late la.
say 0930 can go.
until 10 plus not yet release ue yett.
luckily we left early..
if not... midnight then can go home sia.

lol.after band lunch,
yuzhen and i,
went to raffles city to queu for donuts:D
waited for 2 hours.
its worth it la.
damn long the queue.
but the donuts rawks!

shall let the pictures speeeaakk!(: