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Showing posts from June 16, 2007
yay! woo-la-la!
my com finally okay! the computer man keep comi up to my house. -.-'' & i'm trying to dowload msn messanger but come out rubbish words. -.-
so didnt care about that.
oh.& today 160607. went out with vermuda! &i'm super hyper and happy! :D we took neos. heheh.upload later. i was late while meeting i'm always late,but its worth the late. lol.thats wad my shirt wrote. walk down bugis village, wanted to but pants but dun have the large. ha.suprising i wearing large?i have a big butt.haha. :] so didnt buy it. dawn bought a butterfly earings at diva! it was super nice la! i wanted to buy it but i pok! lol. $20 for shirts. $10 for pants. $39 for phone memory card. oh.i'm going to be super broke la.
i meeting yuzhen, jiejie & the rest tmr! at 11.30 to get the ingredients for tmr's bbq! yay!having bbq tmr! i wanna have girl's talk instead of getting down the pool! :D mr chan came back from hongkong today. shimin came back yesterday! she bought me a sun…