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My SG50 Mediacorp Advertisement

Hello Readers,

Sorry for neglecting this little space of mine.
I'll try to blog more often and YES, i need to because there are a few  beauty products which I've  yet to post them!
Thank You Andrina from JPL who constantly sent me products!
And so far, I love all of them and have been using them!
I  am thinking of setting up a Youtube channel to show my Make up tutorial soon, how about that? ;)

Now, just a little update, if you are a follower on my instagram/twitter/facebook, basically my social media networks, you will know that I am currently embarking on Channel5's new long form drama- TANGLIN. I am playing Shenny, which is one of Pam's sidekick and I believe she is one who is easily influenced. haha, watch to find out! The responses so far were great and thank you for supporting Tanglin. It's a pity Shenny will not have much arc in the character development, but hopefully you, audiences, will like her and let her be in the future seasons with more character dev…

Still Cuts from "beyond me" & nails update from official sponsor: @ge.nails!

Hello all!
Its me again! Pretty excited for what is coming up after exams but first, have to tackle this hell exam period first definitely! :p
Many many good news coming along the way and I am truly blessed to have these opportunities knocking on my door. Thank you god for everything :)

Now, here are some updates from my nails sponsor! I'm already on my 3rd set of gelish nails and I am always so amazed by Jeanne because she practically knows how to draw every single design which I showed her.

This was the blue nails I had for Chinese New Year 2015!

Was brainstorming on what nails should i do for CNY because I wanted something unique!
I don't really want the typical "CNY" nails like having some 对联 or angpaos on my nails. This is purely my personal preference, some may like them. All i knew was that I wanted gradient nails. And me being me, I am always not able to walk out of my safety colours like pink/gold/white. (HAHAH I'm boring like that. No la, it is because i…


Hi Readers,

It's been long since I last blogged. Been really busy these few months with work and school.
As much as I would love to update more often, time is not allowing me to do so. sigh.
However, I'll try my best to update frequently!

Today, I'm introducing Jeanne's - GEnails services! 
First up, I'm happy to announce that GEnails will be my official nails sponsor! So blessed to have Jeanne on board! The owner of the humble home-based nails salon is a bubbly and friendly lady who served her customers with all her heart. She will talk to you and bring up never ending topics so that you will feel comfortable together.

GEnails was founded in September 2013 with Jeanne going over to her customer's house to perform nail services. This had brought convenience to the ladies who wants to beautify their nails yet they have no time to go the nail salons. Hence, Jeanne, together with her luggage which is full or nails products, will get to the client's houses!