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Showing posts from July 12, 2013

Cheap trills!! Nanyang Polytechnic Entrepreneur shop!!

its almost 3:30 am now and im blogging. lol.
I'm supposed to blog once im home but I went to packed my wardrobe cause the wardrobe crashes and no longer able to support all my clothes. sigh.
now im left with the portable stand. *Shakes head*

Anyway, i just cleared 1 big bag of clothes, meant to throw it away or to send it to the poor children. another big bag is one that consists of a number of new clothes where the sisters went bangkok the other time and bought back stuff but then we dont like it already. (the style). I will most probably be opening a flea to sell them all. so wasted. its mostly new piece. I definitely will be going at a cheap price! Look out for my flea information. My special guest - Shelia Tan (hehehehe) will also come down to help! (She say one). HAHA

Today, or rather yesterday, went to help CR to film an educational programme where it requires us to swim. very short scene and I met back some of the friends whom ive not seem for a long time :D