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Day #2 in Seoul!

Hi everyone!

As promised, this is the daily post of #Joycegoeskorea!
Today, I didnt really took a lot of pictures because we have to wait for another friend to arrive which was pretty late, then went to look for twinnie's hanuk as she's staying there for a night!
The day ended eating around Myeongdong and shopping for cosmetics there!
Loving this slow pace of life in korea because we knew we had 14 days to play and thus, everything is going slowly and enjoying~

My morning was greeted with a good and pretty cafe right below my apartment~
The owner is cute too! hehe
Did one of the apparel shoot in the cafe and one at my apartment hahaha (because the lighting is awesome)
Tmr we are heading down to Ehwa and Hongik University to explore!
Hello Kitty cafe is there! Will most likely be shooting @prolleytrolley's (on instagram) sponsored set of clothes there! since I'm sponsored the vibrant colours clothes! :D hehee

This is one of the pieces from @lovelyitemss (On instagram!) …