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surprise yea? lols. i'm back lehs. lols. studies are getting harder and harder. i dono whether i still can cope with it not. hope that i can go into 3E2. yea yea.hope that miriacle will happen laa. beauty comes from wisdom.(: totally agree! i will study hard hard and real hard to get into my class with the best results. pray hard that i can really make it come true yayas.? lols.
oh and i have finished watchin the FALLING IN LOVE show. the show is real niceee. even yuzhen agrees with me. hehes. yes.its a real nice show. starring Eunice Ng, Phyllis Sim,Jesseca Liu the 3 beauties. willian san,zhang yaodong and so on..... the episode 21 to the last episode that is 25 will be very exiciting.! yesyes.its real intreseting! i help my xinyi to record episode 20 in my phone and it always hang my phone when i try to view it. tsk.

yes! zhengzishan.capable.intelligent,bless with both looks and talent.(:zhengzihui.kind,fillial,but do not really have the look till the last episode.zhengzisi. pretty babe, over-con…
euniceeee nggg(
plays a role as zishan in the show)

look at this 2 photos of jessesca liu!
so much much different la!

there the "couple" in this show.
i just lovee they 2 together la.
so compaitable(sp).(:

yaya.i'm finally not lazy to blog ya.
went out to study with dawndawn.
we really study ok!
i studied science while dawn study her maths.

oh and 《情有可缘》 the show is really nice.
falling in love~
Euniceee Nggg is loveed(:
hahas.same surname as me.
her acting skills are great! woolalas.:D

and off i go.
much love.:D
eunice ngg rawk!;)