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Showing posts from January 30, 2008
hihi dearies! =D
here to finally update some news of myself :D
yes although tests are mostly over,
abd i just got back some resuilts today.
& i'm freaking sad about it la.
i failed my E-maths ! ):
14/30, with 8 careless mistakes!
i got 56 for chinese.
its like wth?
my chinese has always been my greatest subject but now 56?!
i'm damn damn disappointed with my results la.
i got 19/30 for chemistry!
and i gotta do better next time.
learn my mistakes and try it again.

i'm having physics test tmr!
wish me good luck!
i love physics!~
so hopefully i will get damn good scores for it lor.
all the way joyce! :D
score damn well for physics!

i gotta improve my enlish, my E-maths! & chinese and chem!
infact everything laa.
i gotta from C's go up to A's.
and i wanna top the e5 class la.
i know its hard, but as long as hard work put in,
i belive i'll score what i deserve.

okay. enough of it.

ahhhh. blogger dosent seems to like me la.
i have scan in the pictures and wanting to post it up