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Showing posts from May 3, 2011
HIHI!yes yes, long time no see. i dont know what to blog either ;D haha, blog's dead. should i change to tumblr? so i can just post pictures up and type nothing!
keke, ohya, i haven congratulate her. her her her her her, the only her :) CONGRATULATIONS MY DEAREST IDOL, RUI EN!<3 finally, someone deserving you know :) 1)Favourite Female Character - Yang Xiao Dong 2)Best Actress 2011 <3 3)Top 1o most popular female! 4) OMY e-awards - most popular local artist (not sure of the exact title)
thank god for everything :) thanks to her hard work, thanks to ken lim, thanks to RBKD, thanks to people who voted for her as she really preform well, thank you everyone who likes her, thank you thank you!! =) (WHY DO I SOUND LIKE IM THE ONE RECEIVING THE AWARDS?) kekeke.
But yes, i am really happy for her :) its all worth it, like totally. my time and efforts and opportunities to vote for her is really worth it :)) but there are certain consequences like my mum will be scolding me REAL HARD, and i meant REA…