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Hey yo dearies! =)
i know i can't update blog often already la.
because my com just explode and smoke came out.
i guess it's over heated la. LOL.
all my 3 DVD player spoilt.
i cant do anything now but to study. zzz.

i'll be heading to my aunt's house for dinner later.
now rushing for my F&N coursework.
got my question like 2 weeks ago and i have to hand up my task analysis next thursday.
POA test on next wed.
chinese new year this year...zzz.
done my first maths quiz,
22/27! CLAPS! hahas!
excuse me, 3rd highest in class. HAHA!
done my phy/chem test too.
quite okay la, hopefully i pass physics. *crossed hands.


♥ Rachel : LOL! i find it quite typical charmaine roles. hhahaa! yes, by APRIL 13, i'm gonna be 16! CHARMAINE FAN CLUB! (: HAHA~! thanks~ LOL! we all are going to be busy people. LOL! i've receive the CNY card! i'm sending you too! but i dono when you gonna receive it. LOL! thanks alot rachel! i love th…
Hey yo readers! =)
this is to tell you that joyce is going to be a busy girl this year.
SYF, O levels come in one shot. wth. !
i have hectic band schedule which will be on Monday, wednesday and friday!
ERP starting very soon on every tuesday and thursday!

& i still remain in Band A class for chinese.
i seriously can't stand the teacher teaching leh.
i was grouped into Band C for english.
LOL, well can't blame me.
good for chinese but poor for english.
at least i didn't went to class D. LOL.

officially started studying in school today.
no fun, serious studying start straight.
it was EL for the first period, then split class and take note of what to bring.
then History, which was given source based questions for us to do.
apply apply skills :D hehe!
that's my fav subject.
it was then POA, our class and Mr koh's class merged,
the class is SO big and so noisy.
i just do my work. LOL.
then it was 2 Maths and 2 Chinese.
it was maths test straight! see how stressful O level students can b…
YOYOYO dearies! =)
An official greeting of HAPPY NEW YEAR 2009 to you all!~

i went to countdown on 31dec08 @ vivo city with patpat!
we were with Jeanette Aw fanclub (:
thanks to patpat for providing me with the admission ticket!
we each held jeanette aw mini boards.
patpat totally love the boards! HAHA!
especially the Nyonya one!
but all the boards were super nicely done la. [:

patpat and i arrive at vivo at 5 plus.
i'm sorry i late!
i tell you what, i went out the wrong station.
damn retarded and embarrassing la!
then it was very fast that it reaches 9!
i was talking TVB, ahsheh. mediacorp....
we went in seated together with jeanette fans.
we cheered for nyonya team all the way.~ HAH!
happy that nyonya team won ok! HAHA!
we screamed till no voice already. LOL!
but worth it la!
*of course ahsheh prettier. HAHA! xD
but jeanette was really pretty. (:
patpat was high high~ HAHA!
all of us were high la! HAHA!
seen many of the mediacorp artists.

Elvin Ng was …