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Showing posts from May 2, 2014

Ardiente Arts direction/ Sponsorship clothes: @teenyfashionz / @br_closet

Seems like this space looks dead again, maybe it's dead.  le sigh. but no, wait, i'm back! It's officially my Summer holidays!!
I ended my first year of studies in SMU and I'm already moving to the second year of study.
oh gosh, how time flies. It's already May!

It is another 1 month and 6 days before our dance production and another round of dance vetting this Saturday. I'm really excited for our production because I believe it is going to be awesome. :D
Tickets sold out so fast that I don't even have spare tickets to invite more of my friends but ohwells never mind, there's always next time. hehe. All hyped up for the concert happening on 7th June! ^^

So today, we went over to Group Therapy cafe to have the trailer shoot for our production! The cafe looks pretty cool~ I'm so glad there's a rising trend for such nice cafes in Singapore but still, their coffees are considered quite pricey as compared to like Korea's (duh o…