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Showing posts from February 6, 2008
hihi dearies! =)
school's CNY celebration today!
and the school's fashion show was quite nice and funny la!

going to gugu house to have the dinner later.
POST up full videos of Astro Wah Lai Toi 2007.
all videos credited to TEDDIEBURRTVB from youtube.

Part 1 of 13;

Part 2 of 13;

Part 3 of 13;
*Raymond Lam fung sings LIVE at part 3. *thumbs up!

Part 4 of 13;

Part 5 of 13;

Part 6 of 13;

Part 7 of 13;

Part 8 of 13;
*Bosco dacing & singing LIVE.

Part 9 of 13;

Part 10 of 13;

Part 11 of 13;

Part 12 of 13;

Part 13 of 13;

Finally finished,
all credited to teddieburrTVB @

& on 31 jan,
ah-sheh jiejie went on TVB dinner.

this video below is ah-sheh jiejie la!
she is introducing her dress and jewellery,
she's so gorgeous lor!
credits to sehseh's blog @

This video below is the TVB dinner interview. [:
credits to smacky97 on youtube.

okays, i'm going my gugu house to ear dinner already!
Cya again! =)