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Showing posts from December 25, 2006
haha,didnt blog for a long time ler.
very very long time ler.
try to type out some exciting things that happened during the days la.

19th dec
went ice-skating wid vermuda.
real funny.
its a miricle i went there for only 1 time &i know how to skate.heheh.
dawn fell damn style larr.
fell many times too.hahaa.
then after a while,decided to go out of it.
walk here &there nothing to do,
then decided to go see ice skating there.
there was small age children damn clever la.
its like WOW!
then when we are heading home,its rains!
stupid rain!
then tiffy mum send us back.THANKS(:
&home sweet home.

23rd dec
went bowling wid yuzhen,yuenyern,brenden,luther,didi,wilson &me.(:
i had an amazing score of 84!
then the guys went to play lan
&we went sofra eat eat.
it was damn nicela(:
thanks pingen jie for recommanding such nice restruanut.heheh.

24th dec
vivan jie was here. :D
bought 2 big packet of chickens &eat.
we ate the first packet &am…