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Showing posts from December 14, 2007
Good morning dearies!
yeaps, did not sleep the whole night thou.
going to catch movie with clique later.
it had been a long time since i hang out with them!
i really miss them thou.
but everytime go out, sure headache, cos i dono what to wear.
haix. i still not yet decide what to wear tmr.
can some fairy help me pick shirt and combine them into beautiful pairings?
fairy tales -.-

right now,
everytime i stared into the com,
i will head to
to check out for hongkong TVB dramas of course.
LOLs. i'm going to watched The Dance Of Passion soon.
that was the show that charmaine had to carry a boy, moses and a 30 pound water
and running here and there, cos she acted as a poor girl in that show.
and there's a time, when she have to carry the boy, and accidentally fall, in order to save the boy from injuring, charmaine face downwards on ground, causing her to injure her lips and chin.
she even had a swollen hand then.
charmaine in that year acted in 3 dramas, and her…