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Showing posts from December 4, 2008
HELLO! Dearie!
i have nothing to say about korea trip but few words- Fun and knowledgeable .
All the Korea trip photos will be in my gallery.!
do click and access into my gallery folder!
it's at the left hand side box.

Been busy till now.
band practices, star chasing and etc.
i went for the Fung, Bobby and kevin's function.
the grand opening of a restruant .
we went to fetch fung.
Fung and kevin sat the same plane and arrive together.
Bobby came later at night. [:

the second day was argh.
i belong to the first row, till being the last one and i stop taking pictures.
and before the event ended, we took cab down to airport as fung is leaving on that day.
unfortunately, i didnt get a picture with him cos priority to FF fans first.
well, i've signed up already and even paid $20 for it already la.
so next time i go anywhere, got priority. HEHE.

and we went hotel afterwards.
to look for kevin and bobby.
then we wanted to wait inside so we have to buy something.
and that's whe…
Hihi dearies!
i know i have not been touching my blog!
it's currently under renovation!~
please be patient! :D
i need to change blogskin and my sister is helping me to create one.
have to wait for her then :D
meanwhile, i've lots to update!
The korea trip, The star tour and all!
i'm really lucky to take pictures with Mr Kevin Cheng, Mr Bobby Au-Yueng, MR bosco Wong, Mr Lam Bowie and Ms Maggie! :D
i'll update all this when my new blog is done.
i have lots of pictures to update! LOL!

First TVB star to take photo was
1: Jessica Hester Hsuan
2: Fala Chen
3: Bobby Au yueng
4: Kevin Cheng
5: Bowie, Bosco and maggie.
(i just started star chasing this year! but i idolize Sheh 5 years already, but i have not taken any photo with her ): argh! i hope la! next year! pray hard she won't go back during school days! LOL )

Tags replied! (shit, so long didnt reply liao! i'm sorry!)

♥hsiehhui : Hi! hahas! no la, they are not together! but they look cute right? hahas! charvin also ! LOL!

♥ Ku…