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HIHI dearies=)
The starhub person went to install my cable tv this morning!
and since i first time signing up the cable tv, they gave us ALL programmes for free viewing first. (:
hehehs. now my sister is crazily playing with the games in the cable tv.

My modem cant worked again la!
it's super irritating laa.
have to call up singtel again. !#$%^%^&
I always dont like using singtel items. LOL
but my modem' contract ends at june this year.
so mama was like wait first la.
3 more months then switch to starhub.
how can i survive with singtel's spoilt modem leh.
alamak. i stilll have to access to to do my school's homework la.

band yesterdy was super fun la.
Mr leng was like performing like "ju gong" holding a few pairs of drumsticks and dancing.
i made the loudest laugh and he spotlight me.! LOL
he was so funny la.
3 hours plus band, it felt like 2 hours plus only.
cos it was fun (:
we did rhythm studies. (:
i kinda enjoy that! :D
hehehehes. Eunice (sec1 )was always st…
Hihi dearies=)
My com's modem is fixed!

hehes. i know my readers miss me la, hor?
LOL! hahas. no need say liao la.
100% sure miss me yea?
hahas. :p

i'm super happy now!
why? cause my stahub cable tv installation is coming on sat morning!
YEA~ i love my mama okay!
she agrees to almost everything i request for. LOL.
just right in time to catch super trio with sheh on sunday!
hehes. one happy joyce! LOL

okay, i'm too excited to write.
shall stop here. (:

And anyone in malaysia subscribe to Astro channel?
Do u all have Astro View magazines April issue?
if have, please email me at
than ks!
HIHI dearies! :D
My computer's modem is down. ):
stupid sister go pluck the wire until it breaks la.
you can imagine how strong my sister is huh.

okayyy, yesterday was school's sports day!
and i'm sick.! ):
luckily i need not run laa.
if not later short breath then need people dp CPR.! *Choy!
i'm still not recovered yet.
Voice lost, cough .
ARGHH! but i recovered from my flu~ lalas!
but i still cant really talk la. No voice. TSK.

Went to catched leap years on the 19 mar.
it was ahhh~
I didnt cry laaaa.
it's not super touching anyway.
People describe till so touchingg.
but yuzhen and i went to catched it that time,
dont really feel its touching la.

& went to catched Step Up 2 yesterday with Shimin, yuzhen, serene and Eunice.
hmmm, at least this show is better than leap years i can say. LOL.
but i fell asleep in the dancing part.
HAHAS! cos of the cough medicine i took, cause drowisness la.
but the show was alright laaa.

My mama will be subscrbing starhub modem real soon.
and tha…
Hihi dearies=)
didnt went school today.
gotten MC from doctor.
having Flu, Cough and losy of voice. :x
eh! not the Flu virus. dont worry!
hahahs. :D

i'm not sure why some computers can view my post while some cant.
maybe my hongkong that post is super duper long,
that's why blogger cant feature it out causing it to lag la.
but well, some can view it :D
maybe i'll shorten the amout of posts on my blog.
so it can come out again bahs.

thanks my dearest sister for getting my tvb weekly la.
i didnt went school today so cant buy. LOL.
i'm going to study later.
seeee, i'm a good student. LOL

My sister went to make spoilt my modem.
cant use my house com la.
so currently, i'm at my cousin's house.

is this fate purpose?
spoilt my modem this time, so my mum could change modem to starhub and sign up starhub cable tv!
muhahas! i can get to watched TVB jade on 30th jan!
The Super Trio game! yea~

hahas. hopefull she quickly sign up for it la! :D
cant wait to watched it la!:D
my sheh jiejie was su…
i'm getting angry over i cant open the files la. luckily ling is helping me with it, by sending the insrtuctions to me. i'm currently at my cousin's house la. thier internet faster :D my com's internet is damn lagged. LOL.
and showing you all who's ella koon if you dono. she's a sweet one too. i love her eyes :D
isnt ella koon pretty too? hehes:D okay, going now. byes! :D
HIHI dearies=)
wonder why i'm awake so early?
LOL, nono. i didnt sleep yet.
i'm searching the net and doing the english assignment.
cannot really understand la.
but i'll try to keep reading and reading.
i'm sure i'll understand it and i'll try to understand it.
copying all the notes down first and then writing a speech. (:
i hope i do well for this english assignment la.
wish me luck =)

hehes. went to do facial again yesterday.
& as usual it was painful when they squeeze out the blackheads.
really painful, u cant shout too as it was super quiet la.
dont wanna embarresed yourself yea? LOL.

and i've updated my links!
added lindachung & ellakoon's fansite!
Both are my idol too!
Ella Koon's a real beauty too apart from my sheh jiejie laa :D
& linda chung belongs to the sweet and cute side.
i love ella koon's eyes. :D

okay. short post for now.
gtg continue to understand my english assignment.
wish me luck that i can understand and do well=)
bye dearies! =)
hehes. was suppose to attend band today but had headache this morning laa.
so didnt went for band.
i know you all miss me rite? hahas! :x

i woke up again at 1 plus,
accompany my sister to vivo to change her phone.
her phone damn SOLID la!
even the earpiece also RED laa!
i am damn jealous laa!

when on the way back,
i was actually thinking of something.
you all know what am i thinking ?
LOL! dont laugh ah.
i was like thinking, after my Poly/JC level, i wanna go overseas for university studies.
and i wanna go canada, Vancouver state to study la.
Or either Switeland.
but the fees are damn ex, and i was like eh, i'm 18 when i finished poly/JC level,
so i can work/study at the same time.
maybe shall discuss this after my o's (:
ya la, hopefully i work ard and can get government's scholarship to overseas la.

okay, siging off now.
short post for now.
my sister is shouting at me to use the com.
Bye dearies! =)

A Trip to Hongkong! :D

i'm back from Hongkong!
& i seriously love love love the country over there!
Uncle Dennis Brought my cousin & i around HK !
& Hongkong's causeway bay, Tsim sha Tsui, Central, HKIA is damn nice!
i loveee all the places but this above places i've mention is the best view ever!
& all the public transport we all took!
the Small bus known as " xiu bus" in canto, the big bus, taxi, ship, MTR, all the public transport we all take la!
it's really a pleasant trip and i will be visiting there again hopefully!

7th march;
Proceed to Changi Airport at about 12 plus noon!
WOW! Singaporeans must be proud to have a wonderful changi airport man.
it's been ages since i visit the Singapore's Changi Airport lor.
& the airport is beautiful!
we have to check in before 3.15
and we wanted to shop after we checked in cos the things inside is much more CHEAPER!
butbut my xiaoyi wanna meet us, so we have to wait for her.
and she came at 3.10. -.-
so we ca…