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Showing posts from November 22, 2007
hello people!
my blog is sooo soooos dead! -.-
lols. i am currently watching Madien's Vow.
this show is super nice!
OMG. i thot i will be a simple tvb show but the story line is great!
alot of positive comments about it!

of course it is acted by charmaine sheh:) and joe ma.
charmaine in d beginning very poor thing.
she have to marry a guy she dun like.
yet the guy keep flriting around in front of her.
she have to tolerate.
if it was me already slapped that guy and run away la.
anyway that show is very nice!

i'm waiting for more shows to arrive!
gosh. quick pass me discs aunty!:D

i just woke up!
hahas. cause i slept at 7am yesterday.
lols. watching that show.
i can stay up till 7am non sleepy.
so seee that show!
damn nicee!

ok. i gtg watch more le!