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Showing posts from October 17, 2007
haix haix.
why is there such a bad results happened to me?
wad the fuck is happeneing to me la.
its like wad the fuck up for my end year!
its so disappointing la.
joyce ng wan ting!wad the fuck is happening to yourself?!
its not this type of results u should get, u idiot!
out of 7 subjects, u failed 2!
wad the hell happened to you!

oh well,
ihave totally give up.
give up give uo give up.
i dono wad to do with this kind of pathetic fucking results.
others score well while i studied super hard yet getting pathetic results!
wad the fuck is happening!
science, i study so hard hard hard,
i tried and tried & tried and i just gotten 36.5 out of 100 of it!
i got no nood to talk about it!
i dono wads happening to me.

why does those hu didnt study real hard gotten super good grades but
those hu studied till going to died but failed till freakin pathetic,
oh gosh, its unfair!
oh my, i will be ending up in 3e5.
as i put that as the 3rd chioce.
oh well, i'll take acounts then.