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Showing posts from October 5, 2010
Hellooooo people! how are you? guessed all the primary and secondary school kids are having their end-of-year exams hwataeng k! :)
anyway, had meeting for cca in school today, discussed about the YEG thingy . it goes through quite smooth i guessed? and after dismissal, went to meet woman to shop at marina square :D went there and had lunch first. ^^
as usual, i have to avoid "flour-related" food, so rice and noodles are out. and im having serious throat infection and flu, so chicken and fried food are out. the choices of food are super limited for me la. alamak. i still have to stick to my yong tau foo without noodles then :( luckily i love eating tofus. LOL.
And Idol was spotted at Marina Square too! but we didnt went to find her la, and we dont have fate with her. shall not elaborate this la, make me so sad! SO NEAR YET SO FAR. ):
then we went to walk around! was considering whether i wanna buy my polaroid film at cactus. but didnt get it at last la. walked past top shop, then saw "famil…