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Showing posts from December 15, 2008
Hihi dearies! =)
just came back from band's decoration.
but there's nothing much to be done.
Dinosaur, elephant and me just seat down there listening to music.
LOL! finally percussion is in charge of the booth [:

Ok, gonna upload some photos taken on Fung's event on the 11dec/12dec.
my photo album for dono what reason it cannot be viewed. -.-
on 11 dec, we went to pick up fung!
he came in Gun Ga Zai style.! super cute!
along with Candyma (is this how i spell her name? )
we welcomed fung! everyone passes him some gifts!
well, V is on cloud nine! LOL!
and he went to the van, V and i was talking to candyma along the way.
the airport dosen't have much people.
both candyma and fung were in relaxing mood [:
candyma was a nice person [:

after fung boarded the van, V along with fran and i went to take cab
and cabbed down to INTERCONTINENTAL HOTEL.
along the way, we met fung's van! HAHAH!
fran and V super high! LOL!
we arrived to the hotel first and then fung came!
he signed the photos for fr…