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Showing posts from January 31, 2012
"I'm Sorry to say i don't deserve the way you all treat me like that..."
Sometimes i ever wonder if i get into the wrong course, after i settled my mindset and decided to move on with the road, obstacles kept occurring, i really dont know how long can i survive in such an environment. Every time my mind is set, and i want to return back to positivism, certain stupid things will make me regret in choosing things. and i really hate this. this is what my mind is going through now and im just speaking the way i thought and felt. No offence to anyone else. though if i ever mention things that are similar to your situation, its just how i feel and its not meant to offend anyone. No hard feelings and its just my thoughts flowing through my mind.
Let's not talk about academic results because that's based on my own and i feel that i did not give in my best for all the tests that i did in this semester and im really regretful about it. It's time to turn the table ar…