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monster fever strikes me! D:

Hello dearest readers!
i'm crurently sick with fever monster striking me.
it's truely a terrible feeling,
head keep spinning and spinning non-stop.
argh, hate it!
heard that the class had no F&N test today due to yesterday's parade.
and i didnt attend school today as well.
my temp reached till 38.4 degrees.
however, i'm going school in the afternoon for chemistry practical.
Very important so i have to attend,
teacher say he only do it once.
my head is spinning currently though.

Had band yesterday,
under the hot sun + fever.
TERRIBLE. but i have to practice though,
thanks to Ms pay (:
looking after me all this period.
she share her Vitamin C water with me. LOL.
no wonder there's this orange taste.
After that, ahjie and xinyimui go steal daddy's wallet.
HAHA! daddy dono who took it.
then he seems angry so ask xinyimui to return his wallet first.
LOL! then realise that he's not angry lo. CHEY.
then ahjie accidentally took out daddy's phone infront of him. -.-
let him find out though. LOL.
stupid ahjie -.-haha!

after that xinyimui, ahjie and miemie go eat,
i wanna join but i'm having high fever though.
so go home and sleep!
i slept of over 20 hours. GOSH. LOL.
cant blame ma, monstr fever strkes me though.
i must get well before this coming sat.
Lao da & mine belated birthday party as well as ahjie, miemie and edwin's advance one (:

thanks for the concern people.
your SMS is greatly appreciated (:
i'm feeling a little better then yesterday now though still running a tempature.
hope that little dot vivien is feeling better as well (:
and people who fall sick yesterday - GET WELL SOON TOO (:


HUIMIN: LOL! i just had one day extra holiday though. LOL. thanks! yeps, my phone brand is W595( no problem :D

Muanting: HAH! you really fart there what! LOL! AHJIE! why you anyhow fart! HAHAHA! so coincidence that we both change email huh! LOL. yeps, alot of photos, i took 2 hours to upload all of them. -.- LOL! daddy say since you wanna cold war with him and so he say anything. HAH!

Litingg : GAJEI! LOL! i just changed de. :D

YC little dot : how's your headache? feeling better ? ((:

Kukumei: HEYHEY! why you doubt me? LOL! i really very guai one hor. HAHA! i'm so anxious to go school one hor. LOL

Michelle: HAH! i only get to watch the previews only. haven started to watch the episodes yet. but niki is really cute over there! hehe! thanks! :D

Felicia: HELLO! (: yeps, i'm from percussion :D eh, how you know? LOL

Vivien/Jiamin little dot : yeps, i know [: gosh, dont care the ignorant people k (: make new one when you have time, now study for mid year (: GOOD LUCK k (: yes, got anything can ask me, i'l try my best to teach you! :D no poroblem :D LOVE&MISS you too! much hugs! :D

In a few hours time, i'm going back to school for chem ERP,
hope i'll be feeling better though. S:
and dont forget to add muy new email :
thanks! and BYE :D


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