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4minute- Whats your name dance cover!/ Acnes ulzzang best face competition (keep it up!)

today am going to show you guys a dance cover that I did yesterday!
Decided to do up a dance cover to thank you guys for the continuous votes for the Ulzzang Best face competition! (THANK YOU!! )

I love the song is because its catchy and a little sexy!
i love hyuna....... teehee
I wanna learn skarf's love virus! T.T
shall set a day to learn it! ^^

Anyway, here's my dance cover (View them in HD 720 or 1080)
ENJOY! (not a really good cover due to space constraints) SIAN but still enjoy k!

In case you haven view 4minutes- What's your name! ^^

In the meantime, can I trouble you guys to keep up the votes for me??
I'm currently on the top5 group and really thank you so so much!
Please don't stop voting for me as voting period will end on the 7th July which is a few days more only!
(steps to vote)


the app takes a quite a long time to load so please be a little patient with it! ^^

you'll be brought to this page! Click on the "Gallery" on the navigation button!

Please cast 3 votes for me! (3 votes per person each day!) 

The winner of this contest gets to go KOREA!! and also, as voters, you stand a chance to win movie tickets!! So hurry please spread around and do ask your friends to vote for me!^^

On a side note, my on-screen cute little sister is on the finals for Singapore's child superstar final!
So proud of her and we need you guys to help her vote for the "Most popular superstar!"
Please give this little talented girl a vote to as well, can you? :D

Direct link to vote: 


Please note that only one vote is allowed for each finalist per day. Voting closes on 5 July 2013, 6pm
Note: you DO NOT need to fill in the particulars, just need to "LIKE" Singapore Child's page and scroll down to insert a tick! 

I know there's a lot of voting going on,
i sincerely thank you guys for your precious time and love!!
*flying kiss to you all!*


Anonymous said…
Hey. Just a suggestion, you shld put "older post"/"newer post" link at the bottom of the blog post. It will be easier for readers to refer to your own post.
Joyce:) said…

Thank You for your suggestion! I'll improve on the suggested links when i'm editing the template! ^^

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