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[Travel] Trip to Bangkok with my loveliest girls! Part #2

Hi Everyone!
So... as promised this is my bangkok trip part 2!
There are a lot of pictures as usual! so take your time to read and see through! ^^
Hope that these places adds on to your Bangkok itenary! :)

27 May: Morning Market/Chinatown/ Big C shopping Mall/ Massage Place

3rd Early morning #faceofthedayforjoyce! haha, iphone5 camera works best when it is being matched with a super good lighting or the natural sun. Try that, your quality of pictures gets better by a lot. ;)
okay, before we proceed to Chinatown, we actually woke up at like 7am for the morning market. Remember in my previous post, i mentioned that you die die got to wake up for the morning market one! located just infront/beside BAIYOKE BOUTIQUE HOTEL. Managed to get most outfits there! 

Me, Muanting, Dawn and Yuzhen! (she got forced to hold the camera because her face was the smallest. HAHAHA)

So... our purpose to come to Chinatown is....? no no not to eat bird nest although the bird nest there is really cheap. haha but we didnt get to eat them. But instead we went into a restaurant named "Mei Long Bird Nest". Okay if you googled it, there will not be any results. However, Nam Sing Birdnest is the most popular bird nest place in BKK, (45 Phadung Dao Road, Yaowaraj, Chinatown, Bangkok, Thailand) so if you are facing Nam Sing Birdnest, walk towards your right till the main road and turn LEFT, walked about like 5-10 mins and you'll reached this place! Once you sit in, they will serve you cold chrysanthemum tea! Super refreshing and its refillable! Especially under the hot weather. This place was not our intended place at first. We wanted to go for the zi char just beside the Nam Sing Birdnest but it only opens at night. We were there in the morning, so we decide to settle our lunch in this aircon place. :) We did not go in for birdnest but for the food dishes instead. LOL. to our surprise, the food tasted really well. :)

er... Phad thai for you again? HAHA. i've to say they actually served the best phad thai (what i feel la) among the rest of the phad thai(s) we ate! This is really good! you can go there for their phad thai! 

EGG OYSTER!!! please KI CHUI if you love them! their oysters are super big and juicy!! Love it so much! should have a larger portion man. its really good! 

We actually ordered like 2 different dishes of fried rice but i couldnt remember what the other one was and neither do I know if there's pictures for it. LOL. but the above one was the Salted fish fried rice! THIS IS SUPER DELICIOUS! in fact this plate of salted fish is better than the other plate of fried rice that we ordered. :D

We decided to have something light and healthy and thus.... this plate of not very appealing cabbage. Not very nice i say. Its just average and sometimes.... quite bland. the mushroom was good though. lol. We remembered just nice there were like 4 mushrooms in this plate of cabbage and its just nice for the 4 of us..... Muanting was talking to us while grabbing the mushroom on her chopsticks and then proceed to eating it. After a while when we were talking about how good the mushrooms were... she went " how come I didnt get to eat it?" Dawn, Yuzhen and I were like "huh, all 3 of us saw you eating it!" hahaha she couldnt remember whether she ate the mushroom and her epic face! LOLLOLL #thosewerethetimes

After eating, we continued our mission to source for bags and shoes! Yes surprisingly, if you are going to get bags or shoes, chinatown will actually be a better place for you! You can't really find a lot of variety in Pratunum market or platinum mall! The good thing about Chinatown restaurants is that most of the shop keepers knows chinese! So we asked them where to get the bags and shoes! AND.......

Facing Mei Long Birdnest, you walked left for about 10-15 mins and you cross opposite and you'll find a road name called Sampheng! Or you may asked the people there, they will know where this place is because its quite popular for stall owners to grab their stuff from! 

Just a tip: these are all WHOLESALES. so you need to buy like at least 3 pieces/4pieces/6pieces to get the wholesale prices which is super cheap. Bags are quite flexible. the owners allow you to buy like 3 pieces minimum but for shoes they are quite strict. it must be 6 shoes with the same size same design and same colour which is kinda ridiculous. We cant combine orders at all. Therefore, we gave up the shoes and straight away went for the bags. 

Stopped by to get ice cream because the weather is terrible!!
and the sell all the old school ice cream!!! like the "pencil" or "traffic light" kind! 
so happy looking at those ice cream and there were freaking cheap! cost only like 10 baht!
Which is less than a dollar? 

Likewise, if you are a follower on my instagram, (@jwanting), i've also tagged the place already! Just locate the above picture and then locate this destination when you are there at chinatown! :) Hope that helps! We were so happy with the variety of bags! teehee^^

These bags were priced at 250 baht for minimum of 6 pieces! which one cost around Sing $12 perhaps? Super cheap by comparing their quality/material and durability! and its easy shopping with 4 girls because everyone can just combine orders! ^^

A picture of another bags shop we went! these shop minimum pieces are at 4 pieces which entitled for a wholesale price of 300-350 baht! Different shop has different requirements and wholesale price. So just walk around and see which are the ones your really like! 

As we walked along the streets with our heavy loots, we came across the hat shop! SO MANY DIFFERENT HATS. AND I MEAN ITS A LOT. hahah! some where priced at like 100 baht while some like the denim ones are more pricy like around 200 baht (~$8) too many variety i quickly whatsapp my friends to see if they want them. hahahaha maybe i can open a hat shop? keke

Chinatown took us almost a whole day! We didnt expect it will take up like almost the whole day as we plan for only half day at Chinatown! but then.... seriously too many things to shop there already. Be generous to spend there if you are heading for hats/bags/shoes because i doubt you can find cheaper ones over at pratunum market or platinum mall. Tip: Reserve one whole day just for Chinatown. Don't leave half day for it. you wont be able to finish the whole Chinatown. In fact, we only get to go like 5 shops out of hundreds of it.

After all our heavy loots (imagine carrying so many bags lol), we went back to our hotel to place our stuff before heading to Big C shopping mall as we go for our dinner. We want to have the street zichar food la, but we couldnt find the stall that was located opposite big C shopping mall! We suspect that it only opens during the weekend nights. :( Therefore we went into Big C Shopping mall which is a distance away platinum mall.

We experienced the "Tuk Tuk"  motor rides back! (but these were taken when we were done grocery shopping at gourmet market on the second day! opps forgot to post this up for the previous post)
Do remember to sit together with your friends because its said to be quite dangerous if you take these rides alone. who knows they might kidnap you. LOL. and only take "tuk tuk" at night. because its kinda like an open air thingy, so your face and body will be sticky after that. You wouldnt want your early morning refreshed face with makeup and take Tuk Tuk right? but the time you reached your shopping area, thats it, your face is ruined. lol. 

okay, back to big C shopping mall. On the way there, there are plenty of street foods there and we had their tomyum sausages! its pretty good! But a little spicy. :/
Big C shopping centre has nothing much except that their supermarket is extremely huge with some food restaurants at the top levels! 

This was our dinner! Yes, Japanese Ramen!! Their ramen tasted pretty alright and it is DAMN CHEAP. Super cheap. Singapore is definitely overpriced..... BY A LOT. 

What is wrong with Singapore?! why are you so expensive?!!!

They even had these cute bags to store your magnums!! HAHAH! 

Look at the happy us with our magnum!! ^^ I grabbed some yogurts too because the meiji yogurts are the only one I ate and is freaking cheap too. 

After we've done with our magnum and additional grocery shopping, we went to have THAI MASSAGE! too bad i threw away the name card. LOL. cant remember which one we went but it was pretty close to platinum mall! anyway all thai massage are equally good! we went for the foot massage.... IT WAS AWESOME. after days of walking, can you imagine someone massaging your foot for an hour?! and their service is pretty good. We were well-served :) Just that we saw a cockroach ran pass when we were paying for the foot massage. lol. 

And that wraps the day for us! 

28th May: Morning Market/Pratunum Market/Platinum Mall/ Bangkok Airport/ Singapore Changi Airport

Unfortunately, all good things will come to an end. Its pretty fast that our trip ends already. I think for bkk, you have to be there like for 6 days 5 nights? haha and bring more money of course. lol. 

Don't wanna leave BKK! T.T but still we had to enjoy the last day there! teehee! So here is day 4 #faceofthedayforjoyce! And off we go to explore the pratunum market and platinum mall! before that, Yuzhen and I went to the morning market again to grab some last minute stuff. lol. in anyway thats the cheapest ma. lol.

We didnt take photos while we were shopping because.... DUH WE WERE SHOPPING. lol. enjoying the shopping moment. thats why no interruption please. Anyway, we spot the above items super interesting, Its handmade clocks! I've to say thais they are very skillful. In order to earn a living, they handmade lots of stuff and sell them. 佩服!love the clocks!I bought one of them! 

These are the basic T-shirts with muanting starring at it. LOL. these basic tshirts priced according to sizes. for size S and V-neck, it cause around 50 baht which is around $2-$3 sing dollars! CHEAP TRILLS. and their colours are pretty cute too! Bought some back for evalee also! most importantly, its 100% cotton ok!

What not to be missed while you were shopping around the market? THIS FRIED CHICKEN!!!! cannot miss one! you miss it too bad! IT IS THE BEST FRIED CHICKEN EVER. SERIOUS CONFIRM PLUS CHOP! Since day 1 i reached bkk, ive been looking up and down for this but didnt find it until the last day!! WAS SO SO HAPPY!!! YIPPEE~ i grabbed 2 of these and really enjoyed eating them! best street food ever!

Next up: THE CUP CORN!  they were very generous with their portion! super! whenever I buy a cup corn, I request for like more butter! ahahha i know its unhealthy la, but then i really love a lot of butter in it! And he heard me and gave me like half cup of butter. LOL! it was really yummy enjoying them while shopping! 

NEXT: Our Makan Place (talking about proper makan)
is this....... very popular Wanton Noodles and Pig Trotters! located near Pratunum market and it closes at 430pm! its too popular already! AND ITS FREAKING GOOD T.T
The pig trotters are the best!!! *cries* Im missing it too much!

The exterior of the stall looks like this! and the lucky thing is that they have chinese speaking workers there! so dont worry if you dont know how to order them! 

We shared the soup wanton noodles despite eating the dried one before that! Just wanted to try how it taste like for the soup based one! ^^v it was good but i still prefer the dry one!

THE DRY WANTON NOODLES! Super love super love spam love! its really good! the portion is quite small so just order another bowl if you are not full la. LOL. it cheap anyway. :p

THIS THIS THIS!!! *jumps jumps jumps* 
Till now i still cannot forget the taste! Its UBER AWESOMELY AWESOME! 
REALLY! KICHUI for this totally. the pig trotters were freaking awesome! 
I missing BKK because of their food T.T 
I wanna go back there for more wantan noodles and pigs trotters! T.T

After our lunch, we proceeded back to last minute shopping at platinum mall!
Platinum mall Is really big but their stuff is quite pricy but of course there are cheap ones too!
Particularly love a pastel colour shop but i failed to take pictures of it. T.T
Time passes so fast that we were heading to the airport for our flight back already. 

Journey to the airport~ quite a long distance. missing all the shopping, the crazy moments with the girls, the food, the massage and everything. we love bkk!

Doing some last minute packing before we head for the airport and back to Singapore~~

We came with one luggage each and in each of our luggage, it was only half filled or even less than half, and we came back with like this. HAHA. girls shopping~~

Took this while we were waiting for dawn to get her stuff! with Muanting and Yuzhen!

Yuzhen and I were so broke but we were hungry. so we combined both our pathetic coins left and managed to dig enough for 2 auntie Anne's!! HAHA WE WERE SO HAPPY!!!
but of course freaking broke after that. LOL

A group photo with so much love with the girls before we depart from the bkk airport. T.T
Muanting and I coincidentally wore the same design shirt! haha

Time to say goodbye and back to singapore :( I WAS GIVEN WINDOW SEAT! awesome much! I just love sitting on the plane la. It dosent matter where it brings me to but i just wanna sit on it forever and ever. 

We touched down at about 1am plus Sing time! and its back to our own house! missed the girls and BKK alot definitely! Look at the amount of loots i brought back and guess how much did i bring over for all my expenses? :) 

Thats all for this BKK post! ^^ Spent quite a number of time doing this post up and i hope you enjoyed reading and looking! ^^ you can tweet/instagram/email me if you like to know more about the bkk trip! i'll be glad to answer your queries! :) 
and the haze in singapore hasnt been behaving well late, so do hydrate yourself people! 

Lotsa love,


Chiew Nee said…
omg so many clothes!!! I really wish to go Bangkok someday, shopping paradise!!!

Heaven Knows
Joyce:) said…
hahah!! you should! Its shopping heaven for girls! :D
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