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TheFACESHOP x Miracle Finish Cushion

Greetings everyone! 

Been busy with the past few weeks with Graduation, filming and business in Storybox Collective. 
and Yes, I've graduated from SMU Accountancy and had my graduation on the 13th of July! So surreal, 4 years ago, I was just complaining about how difficult this course is & right now, I am here standing as an alumni of SMU. I will upload pictures of my Graduation ceremony probably in the next couple of posts. I've too many backlogs to clear. Hopefully, I am able to clear them real soon. 

Life has been pretty interesting so far, I shall not fear and trust in God's planning for my path. With faith, I shall. On the other hand, I am also currently working on a Toggle Original Drama- Silo and I really can't wait for the end product to be out! Really enjoyed working on this project because great team, great vibes, what more can I ask for? 

ok, back to the topic! Thank You THEFACESHOP Singapore for just more love! I really love spending time and effort trying to take the most appealing products' shoot, creating beautiful memories with the products and hopefully piece into something beautiful. I was on my bali trip few weeks ago & I climbed the Mount Batur Volcano Hill with 2 of THEFACESHOP's miracle cushions just to take the products pictures. I wanted to do justice to these beautiful miracle cushions by taking it against the sunrise. It was crazily ridiculous actually. To climb 1717 meters of hill was just not any human being can do it. LOL. BUT I DID IT YAY. You probably just need to keep telling yourself that You can do it. 

THEFACESHOP has sent over its all time best/favourite series cushion together with its new Long-lasting series cushions but I've yet to try them all. Well, I can't try them all at once too because cushions dry up really fast. Hence, I thought I shall just let you guys know the 6 different Miracle Cushions THEFACESHOP is carrying and I will update you on my IG stories when I eventually use those cushions! Now, I am currently using the CC Intense cover cushion which I am loving it! 

Anyway, here are a series of photos that came out of my Iphone6! Iphone6 takes really gorgeous photos as long as there's enough light and of course, beautiful view. 

The white cover cushion that I am holding is the Miracle Cushion CC Intense Cover!

The Miracle finish cushion series are packaged in such beautiful and elegant covers that you can't resist going WOW over and over again. It is really pretty! Both its outer cover and its inner! 
 The white cover 

Too gorgeous!

These unique cushion container increases collectability value with designs that reflect THEFACESHOP's identity. 

Before I go into THEFACESHOP's cushions, I actually prefer BB/CC cushions in general over BB/CC creams because of the usage of cushions that can spread the base more evenly. And unlike BB/CC creams, you can control the amount of base better by the force you utilize on your cushion. Moreover, the "patting" motion with the cushion makes applying the base easier. Now, this is actually the first time I am using THEFACESHOP's miracle finish cushion and I am loving it! I'm on the CC intense cover! I am actually quite amazed by its high moisturizing effect and the natural dewy finish that it gives me. However, I do also understand that by creating the dewy finish, we may feel a little sticky/oily. Hence, I apply a layer of mineral pact powder over it. Just one layer will do! Just to minimize the feeling of "stickiness" yet still keeping some "dewy-ness". 

THEFACESHOP launches 6 different types of cushion to meet the different skin types' needs. This include the Matte, Cover,  hydrating, Longwear, Cooling and BB regenerating formulas! You will certainly find the one that you skin need and help you to achieve your luminous look! Moving on, the Miracle finish cushion uses LG patented Micro Foam which allows meticulous and easy application, it also holds the contents from evaporation and going down which ensures longer usage. (You know how irritating some cushions are when the formula shifts and stuck around the edges of the cushion...)

I just also want to point out that their cushion material is so soft and smooth that it's a total joy pressuring that piece of cushion on your face! Not forgetting that most important advantage on THEFACESHOP's miracle cushion is that it's coverage effect is so high that I can forget about using concealers because it is enough to perfectly cover blemishes and spots with color control functions. 

I am really amazed by the coverage because I just apply a layer of CC Intense cover and I can see it covering my visible spots on my face easily. And because of its high coverage, you do not have to keep applying many layers in a way that it may create a "cakey" effect (too many layers of makeup base). My face definitely feels lighter and breathable with lesser products. 

Here are the 6 different cushions that serves specific needs! So, do remember to find out your skin type and you will have a higher chance to know which is your ideal cushion! 

Generally most of the miracle cushions has pretty well SPF and PA+++  (which means Protection Grade = Japanese measurement of sun protection against UVA)

1. Oil Control Water Cushion: 
- Matte Finish under strong sunlight 
- Non-greasy cushion foundation for oily skin/humid weather 
- Sebum control formula of citrus unshiu peel extract and oil cut powder
- Sweatproof - strong against water and sebum

2. CC intense Cover Cushion **The one I am currently using**
-  Creates flawless skin, enhancing inner glow
- High-pigment, darkening-free cushion foundation with strong coverage effect that hides any imperfections 
- Extra care on moisturizing by including flower oil complex care. 

- My trial:  Lovely for my dry skin nature! It's coverage is superb, i really love it! it naturally conceal my blemishes and dark eye circles. I don't even use concealers now. That is how amazing its coverage is. However, it may not be long-lasting, because I was checking my foundation at the end of the day and it kinda went off. So i had to touch up. But, this cushion did not state its focus on long-lasting but on coverage instead, hence, for primary focus on coverage, It is really good! Those who follow me on my IG stories, I did a comparison before! It's pretty amazing. 

3. CC Ultra Moist Cushion
- 25 hour flowing & moisturizing effect
- Ultra moisturizing effect to give rise to radiant skin 
- illuminate dull complexion

1. BB Power Perfection Cushion
- 3 stunning functions: Anti-wrinkle, brightening, and UV protection
- Convenient and best suited for the humid season now. 
- With Vitaskin complex of Omega-3 enriched raspberry seed oil and Vit.E complex. 

2. CC long-lasting Cushion
- Contains primer substance which sets the make-up longer. 
- Sits in by just applying a layer and makes skin looking smooth without chumps. 
- Natural Moisturizing factor to prevent flaky skin. 

3. CC Cooling Cushion 
- Instantly moisturizes dry skin due to skin conditioning - a moisturizing ingredient
- Snow Oil Ingredient: melts with our body temperature and cool down heated skin
- Blended with 4 kinds of slower water of Damask Rose, Lotus Flower, Chamomile and cornflower to achieve optimal moisture balance. 

The above are information for you guys to relate to as you are on the search for the ideal cushion that suits your skin type. So far, I've only been using the CC intense cover and I am already loving it. I can't wait to lay my hands on the other cushions after this to witness its functions and effects. 

For people who has dry skin by nature, do consider the CC intense cover because it has rather high moisturizing effect which can be felt in just a layer of cushion application. 

If you think that the above are too wordy, you may want to take a look at the video i pieced as well! 
I've embedded the Youtube video here! 

With that, I'm heading to bed! I will update my IG stories & my blog on my trial for the rest of the cushions when I lay my hands on them!



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