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Jwanting x Garrett Popcorn Matcha CaramelCrisp Giveaway!

Hi guys! 

I'm back! This time round to GIVEAWAY A HUGE TIN OF GARRETT POPCORN MATCHA CaramelCrisp + Limited Edition Garrett Picnic Mat! 

So better glue your eyes to this post!

If you haven't heard of the BOLD flavours by Garrett Popcorn... Man, where were you! Do check out my previous post over here!

Recently, Garrett Popcorn continues to introduce New & Interesting Popcorn flavours which kept our taste buds excited! And this time round, they've rolled out the MATCHA CARAMELCRISP! Ohmy, Matcha lovers scream!!!! This LIMITED TIME RECIPE is now available at all Garrett Popcorn shops! 

Garrett Popcorn's premium quality matcha powder is mixed into Garrett Popcorn's signature CaramelCrisp Popcorn, which creates a tantalizing blend of bold flavours. Without compromising on the freshest quality ingredients, Matcha CaramelCrisp is handcrafted in limited batches daily at Garrett Popcorn stores! 

My take on the Matcha CaramelCrisp: I thought that it was pretty refreshing having the Matcha Powder with the Caramel together. Perhaps, the caramel itself is quite overwhelming so I didn't really tasted the Matcha during the first few bites. However, when I shared the Matcha CaramelCrisp with my friends, they said that the Matcha flavour only comes in after that. The first bite of the Matcha CaramelCrisp tasted purely Caramel, but the Matcha Powder kicks in and forms the end after-taste! Most of them really liked it! 

Since Garrett Popcorn has always been "Handcrafted Happiness", I thought it would be really nice to share this goodness with my best friend, Shayne! 

Shayne and I had our fun day out picnic-ing! 

oh, did you notice my picnic mat? It's an easy-to-carry and foldable summer picnic mat specially designed by Garrett! With every purchase of $75 and above, you will be entitled for a COMPLIMENTARY Garrett Picnic Mat! 

Alternatively, you may purchase a Garrett Picnic Mat at only $6.50 with any purchase worth $18 and above! Trust me, your instagram pictures are gonna look amazing with the quality and insta-worthy picnic mat! 

SINCE THE MATCHA CARAMELCRISP IS LIMITED EDITION, it only exists for a short period of time! The last day to lay your hands on the Matcha CaramelCrisp is 13th August 2017! So, do grab them asap if you are a big fan of Matcha stuff! 



1) Watch my "Spread Happiness with Garrett Popcorn" video over below

2) Follow me on Instagram: @Jwanting

3) Comment on the following questions on my latest Instagram post on Garrett Popcorn: 
- How many outfits change did I have throughout the video? 
- What is Garrett Popcorn's newest flavour? (THIS IS A GIVEAWAY Question)
- & TAG A FRIEND TOO!! (since its all about spreading happiness!!)

I will pick a winner and he/she goes home with the tin of Matcha Happiness & Limited Edition Picnic Mat! This giveaway will end on 7th August 2017, 12NOON (ITS AFTERNOON, not 2359!!)

So hurry, I'm waiting for your entries on my instagram!! 
blessed day! 

Special Thanks to Shayne (@chinaphilidoll) for starring in this video and also to the talented videographer & director (@_kenghao) who shot these scenes! 


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