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THEFACESHOP x Dreamworks Kung Fu Panda

Hello guys!

Today is the 1st of September 2017! Time really is flying too fast and furious! But I'm looking forward to more exciting deals coming and wrapping up this year! Praying hard for a good remaining 4 months! I'm so excited for December because I will be flying off to Taiwan and celebrating the New Year over there. I've always dream about spending countdowns overseas and this year I am going to realize it! I'm super duper excited. wheeeee

The Faceshop x DreamWorks "Kung Fu Panda"

The ever generous FaceShop sent me this box of "Dim Sum" few months back and I'm finally blogging about it because I'm currently trying the cushion for this series! 

Natural cosmetic brand THEFACESHOP (my favourite brand!!) launches limited edition "DreamWorks Kungfu Panda x THEFACESHOP" collaboration by featuring main characters from DreamWorks Animation's Kung Fu Panda sich as Po, Master Shifu and Master Tigress. 

Look how cute the packaging is! It embodies the bamboo designs which we've seen it on our "Dim Sum" time! How to resist the adorableness of Kungfu Panda right on top of the cover! 

Unboxing the "pipping hot" Dim Sum box is "a pair of chopsticks and 3 uniquely-looking egg tarts?" ok I thought the cushions looked the most similar to egg tarts because they are round. :p 

It was love at first sight when I unboxed this because just looked at how meticulous the Kung Fu Panda characters are embodied onto the cushions! FYI, it is kinda like a 3D effect thing! Really beautiful designs I can't bear to use them because I'm afraid I will finished the cushion in no time. :( 

This limited edition collection features THEFACESHOP's best selling cushion foundations such as:
1) Oil Control Water Cushion
2) CC Ultra Moist Cushion 
3) CC intense Cover Cushion
4) Inkgel Pencil Eyeliners 

The cushion padding are designed in a way that it matches the colour of the cushion cover! How adorable! It also comes in a full-fledged mirror within the cushion so that you will have more mirror space to check on your face when applying your base on the go! 

1) THEFACESHOP OIL Control Water Cushion SPF50+ PA+++
on Po: This cushion foundation recharges skin with moisture and takes care of excess oil for long-lasting freshness. 

2) THEFACESHOP CC Ultra Moist Cushion SPF50+ PA+++ 
on Master Shifu: This cushion hydrates dry skin for a vibrant and lively complexion

3) THEFACESHOP CC intense cover cushion SPF50+ PA+++
on Master Tigress: This cushion conceals skin imperfections for a flawless finish. 

The Dim Sim kit consists a pair of "chopsticks" as well. 
Inkgel Pencil Eyeliner in: The liners express deep and defined eyes with automatic pencil eyeliner's soft gel eyeliner and highly vivid ink-colour. 
1) 01 New York Black 
2) 04 Choco Latte

I've posted my initial try-outs on this inkgel liners before and I loved the choco latte one because of its glossy finish. I liked all things that are shiny! Also, brown liners give a softer finishing, allowing a more natural look on the eye-make up. 

On the other hand, the black eyeliner has a matte finish. Black colour eyeliners usually give a stronger and edgy look on the eyes. It is perfect with smoky eyes make-up because it enhances the overall smoky effect. You can wear black liners for a natural makeup look as well because after all, this series of liners are pencils. Pencils liners are already supposed to be soft on your eyes! 

One more plus point is that the inkgel liners are really smooth to apply on! Just that since they are pencil liners, it is not waterproof. Hence, you might want to check on your makeup regularly if you are one who perspires a lot! 

I am currently on the CC Ultra moist cushion cover! Loving how light-weight the foundation is when applied on my face. It is not an intense cover cushion, hence, when you apply the foundation, do include concealers as well! But I love how it promises to give me that level of moisture to keep my face hydrated! And, as usual, I love THEFACESHOP cushion padding because it is always so soft and smooth when it comes to applying the foundation on my face!

THEFACESHOP x DreamWorks Kung Fu Panda Cushion & Eyeliner special "Dim Sum" kit is now available at all THEFACESHOP stores, retailing at $119! But you know what, in the month of Sept, there is a 20% discount of this DIM SUM KIT!! So quickly get your hands on for this! 

Thank You THEFACESHOP Singapore!
Love you guys! xoxo
Do look out for my instastories as I share the my thoughts on the cushions as and when! 


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